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Thanks for visiting Scammer Alert! My name is Frank Matthews. On this site I expose the truth about online scams, and give straight answers on legitimate products. I have been following online scams since 1998 and exposing the truth behind them. Over the years I have explored virtually every scam out there.

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Avoid Google Money Kit Trial Scams

If you're here its probably because you're looking for info on the "free" Google Money Kit, or Google Success Kit program that has been all over the Internet lately. These ads are literally everywhere, Google, Yahoo, Bing, all of the news sites like MSNBC and ABC. I've even seen these ads on job sites! This is the latest scam to hit the Internet, and it is literally everywhere. It has gotten so large the Federal Trade Commission & State Attorney Generals are getting involved! Over the course of 9 months I have purchased virtually every "free" make money using Google CD on the Internet.

You have seen the ads, they look like this:

  • I Make $5000 A Month Posting Links On Google!
  • Make $100/hr Using Google!
  • I Made $7500 Posting Links Using Google, THIS WORKS!

I won't list many more, but you get the idea. I decided to get to the bottom of this latest "make money online" scam and find out what it was all about.

So can you make money using Google?

Yes and No. Yes Google does have a system called Adsense which allows website owners to place ads on their site and earn money when people click on those ads. That is what the Google cash kit teaches you how to do. In a nutshell they show you how to setup a blog, write blog posts and get people to read it and ultimately click on your ads. That's pretty much it. Thats how this whole "Free Google CD" business works. The problem with that is it takes a little time to setup a successful blog and get people interested enough to come back and read. Many people make their living blogging, but it didn't happen overnight.

These websites claim you can do all this and start earning $5000 a month in just a week, which is an outright lie. To make matters worse these Google scammers use fake pictures of checks that look like they came from Google and pictures of people they stole off someone's FaceBook account just to push this stuff on unsuspecting people! But wait, there's more to this scam than just the horrible training material and shady sales tactics.

What most people don't realize is when they sign up for their "free" Google Cash Kit CD they gave that company permission to bill them anywhere from $60-120 a month, EVERY month until they cancel. That's right, its at the bottom of the page in really small print in a light grey color. Now I feel there is nothing wrong with getting billed every month if it is for a useful service, but after you get your free CD there is no more! Why do they need to bill you $60-120 for continuing service when they don't give you anything for that fee?

Here's where it really gets dirty, and the main reason the government has started to step in. If you don't want to be billed every month you have to call a special 1-800 number to cancel your Google Fast Cash "trial" membership. In most cases when I called the 1-800 number to cancel it was busy or disconnected. Sometimes it will go to a voicemail box, but I never once got a call back. The worst one I experienced was a company that left me on hold eternally! I waited in some instances over 2 hours before hanging up. This is how you know it is a scam. At this point the only way to stop the charges is to file a chargeback with your bank, or cancel your credit card.

What can be done about this scam?

If you are a victim of the free "make money on google" trial kit, try and contact the company first. More than likely you won't be able to reach anyone but you have to try it. Next, contact your bank and explain the situation, more than likely they will also try and contact the company. If they still can't be reached have your bank file a chargeback and issue you a new credit card number. This is usually pretty easy, and it should only take a few days to get your new card. At this point Google and the FTC are working together to shut these operations down. Google does not endorse any of these products and they are using their name and trademark to dupe innocent customers, and Google seems to be taking it very seriously. I expect to see some lawsuits filed by Google very soon against these scammers.

Usually I try and recommend some good programs I found during my investigation but I didn't find a single good Easy Google Cash program out there. They were all 100% scams, which is a shame. If you are looking for a legit opportunity, check my recommended online jobs websites below.

Frank Matthews

Legit Online Jobs

Website: Click Here Visit Legit Online Jobs
Price: $49.95
Money Back Guarantee: Yes

Legit Online Jobs has been the #1 work from home opportunity for the last 5 years. It's really no wonder, Russ constantly updates and refines this money making system. Legit Online Jobs shows you how to make a good living working from home typing simple ads. Russ takes you step by step on how to set up your new online business to start making income right away. Working your own hours, being your own boss. I'm not talking about just written instructions but step-by-step instructional videos you can watch on your PC and follow along online. Learning doesn't get easier than that. For a limited time he's also offering a free 1-on-1 phone consultation from a personal tutor. This is an invaluable bonus. If you want to make money online Legit online jobs should be the first site you check out.

Six Figures Yearly

Website: Click Here Visit At Six Figures Yearly
Price: $69.97
Money Back Guarantee: Yes

Six Figures yearly is a close second to Legit Online jobs, and has helped thousands of people earn a living online. In the last 3 years this opportunity has been updated 6 times. Six Figures Yearly teaches several different methods for making money online, and includes video tutorials every step of the way. In addition to providing money making methods they also include some fantastic information on how to get your finances in order, get out of debt, and invest your six figures when you start making it. The information in these guides was worth the price alone and has some very good advice to offer. I found their customer service to be friendly and fast to respond to the few issues I had. Six Figures Yearly is definitely work checking out.

At Home Writing Jobs

Website: Click Here Visit At Home Writing Jobs
Price: $4.95 to start, $74.99/mo after
Money Back Guarantee: Yes

At Home Writing Jobs is perfect for people that are looking for part time work. Not that it can't be used by people looking for full time work. The work doesn't pay as well as Legit Online Jobs & Six Figures Yearly but it is very simple to learn. They provide you with great learning material that teaches you how to become a freelance writer. Websites, blogs, and just about everything online revolves around the written word. Webmasters often times pay freelance writers to write articles, product reviews, short stories and instructional content for their websites. If you love writing this is the perfect opportunity for you. Even if you aren't a professional writer you can still make very good money writing. You don't have to be an english major, you just need to write at an 8th grade level and own a computer (PC or Mac). At Home Writing Jobs had good customer service, and I liked that you can try the program for $4.95 so you can try it virtually risk free to see if this opportunity is for you.

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