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Learn to avoid Government Grant Money Scams

You probably are here because you've seen ads online like:

  • Get Government Grants Free!
  • Get Up To $250,000 From The Government!
  • Free Government Grant CD
  • Obtain Government Grants Today !
  • Free Money From The Government

These ads seem to be everywhere. You will no doubt see several of these ads on forums, popular search engines, and possibly even on television. So why are there so many out there? Why are the spending thousands of dollars in advertising? To put it simply they are selling you the promise of free money. This is a huge market because free money is something virtually everyone of us could use more of.

So Is It Possible To Get Grant Money From The Government?

If you're an American citizen, yes you can, after all it's your tax dollars! Even in this economy Federal & State Governments are awarding grant money every single day. In fact, there are even more grants available now thanks to The President's economic stimulus plans. Sadly, the majority of people will never get approved for government grant money because 99% of all the information on government grants online are scams! These fly-by-night web companies can be set up in just a few hours and they all have the same purpose .. taking your hard earned cash. Usually they will get you to sign up to their members area where they provide you with some poorly written instructions, and a few phone numbers or web sites for government offices. Typically none of the links take you to the right web page, and none of the phone numbers are even real. Sometimes they give you links to sites that want you to pay more to join their web site too! This is a huge racket, and it's buyer beware. Most of these web sites offer you nothing more than the following:

  • Old out dated grant web site and phone number information
  • No help with filling out grant applications
  • No organization, just a huge list of unsorted grant programs, with addresses
  • No customer service or help available, sometimes not even an email address!
  • No refunds. Most of these fly-by-night companies just take your money, and when they get enough complaints they simply close the site and start up a new one. (a common scam site tactic)
  • Amateur web sites with broken links. (this is a dead give away to a scam site)
  • Guarantees to get you grants just by making a phone call (this is just not possible)

Fortunately, there are several legitimate companies that provide you with all of the information you need to apply for, and get government grants. Over the last few years I have reviewed over 60 government grant web sites, sending email to the web site owners, using their members area, as well as doing an extensive background check on the company. Out of the 60 government grant kit companies I reviewed, I only found a few legitimate programs! These companies provide dedicated representatives to help you every day.

All of my recommended grant programs below have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. These companies have a good reputation and live up to that guarantee. Each of the sites below will notify you of any updates via email, so you always have the latest information about new government grant programs being offered.

The Government, and private organizations give away billions of dollars every year to people just like you and me. These grants can be used for numerous purposes including buying a home, fixing your home, help paying your utility bills, medical expenses, starting a business, going to college and more. You can get approved for as many grants as you qualify for, even if you have poor credit, no credit or a bankruptcy. There is no interest charged, and you never have to pay it back. As always I will keep you updated on my findings.

Frank Matthews

Online Grant System

Website: Click Here Visit Online Grant System
Price: $1.95 to start
Money Back Guarantee: Yes

Online Grant System's grant kit is the premiere online grant package and my #1 recommended grant kit. They have had over 50,000 satisfied customers. But what really sets them apart from everyone else is that they have a highly-trained grant writer "in house" who has received over $1 million in grant money for their customers so far. Their government grant success kit is easy to use online, complete with an easy to search database. To make things even easier they will also ship it to you on CD, so you can use it any time, even if your Internet connection isn't working.

If you can't find a grant to fit your specific needs here it just doesn't exist. Their grant search has thousands of grant programs for federal, state, and private grant programs that are available right now. Housing grants, small business grants, education grants, grants to purchase or repair a home, minority grants, entitlement programs to help pay your utility bills, rent, and food bills. The list goes on and on. You name it, and it's in their database. In my experience their in house grant writer always answered my questions and knew a lot about the grant process. They're experts in the government grant field.

File For Grants

Website: Click Here Visit File For Grants
Price: $1.95 to start
Money Back Guarantee: Yes

File For Grants was one of the best Government Grant package I tested. File For Grants is free, and my #2 pick for several reasons. They by far had the largest, most easily searchable database of grants from federal, state and private grant foundations. The CD included easy to use grant writing software, grant application templates, and self-help guides. The grant directory provides information on just about every type of government grant available today. This includes education grants, small business grants, minority grants, housing grants, as well as entitlements to help citizens pay their utility bills, food bills and other living costs. They provide grant specialists to help you with the grant process as well. These "grant gurus" were a huge help and really knew government grants front to back.

Uncle Sam's Money

Website: Click Here Visit Uncle Sam's Money
Price: $39.95
Money Back Guarantee: Yes

Uncle Sam's Money is one of my favorite picks because they include a free phone consultations with a grant specialist. This is a very valuable bonus. They helped me every step of the way through the application process. Uncle Sam's Money has fantastic support representatives. They responded quickly and politely to every email I sent them, no matter how dumb the question sounded. This is a limited time offer though so it may not be available forever.

Their grant list is constantly updated, and organized. There are grants for virtually everything you could think of. They also include a Loans section with an enormous list of lenders for people seeking to borrow money at incredibly low interest rates. Uncle Sam's Money also offers an unconditional money back guarantee. If you don't get approved for a grant they will give you your money back no questions asked.

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