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Thanks for visiting Scammer Alert! My name is Frank Matthews. On this site I expose the truth about online scams, and give straight answers on legitimate products. I have been following online scams since 1998 and exposing the truth behind them. Over the years I have explored virtually every scam out there.

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Learn to avoid Freelancer Scams

You probably are here because you've seen ads online like:

  • Blogs $12-$50 - Articles $25-$45 Short Stories - $450/Story
  • Join the Freelancers! Get Connected and Find Work Right Away
  • 1000s Of Local Jobs In Your Area. Sign Up Today For Free Information.
  • We list Work from Home Jobs. No investment required. Make $300+/day
  • Discover Your Freelance Fortune$17 Ebook Reveals Top Job Sites

Freelancing is a relatively new arena for work at home scams. Since I started reviewing freelance programs the number of ads on the Internet has risen tremendously! This is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing work at home scams on I've seen! With unemployment at all time highs its no wonder ... it's buyer beware.

So Can You Really Get To Work Online As A Freelancer?

Yes, in fact I do some freelance writing myself. It is especially easy to make money as a freelance writer. Let me explain, every website on the Internet needs one important thing ... "content" which is basically what you are reading right now! Its the written word. Now Google revolutionized the Internet with their incredibly complex and genius search engine, and since Google owns nearly 70% of the search market share right now it's incredibly important for website owners to play by Googles rules. There is one thing Google loves and that is unique "content" Google scans millions of webpages a second and compares them to what it has already scanned, if a websites content isn't original it puts it lower in ranking. This is bad for webmasters! Lower rankings means less visitors which naturally means less advertising revenue!

This is where you come in!

Most web masters don't like to write anything. If you've ever met a programmer you know they hate writing documentation. :) So even if you're not a "writer" you can easily do most of this work. Most people read at an 8th grade level so you don't have to be a Harvard Graduate to become a freelance writer. Just write like you would talk. Thanks to software like Microsoft Office its all spell-checked. There are literally thousands of job postings for freelance writers if you know where to find them! Often times customers are willing to pay $100 for 10 single page articles on various topics! Thats about $10 for a single page article on whatever subject the buyer requests.

There are several legitimate websites that provide you with everything you need to know to get a job as a freelancer. It doesn't matter what your education level or previous work history was. In reality the majority of people will never even get their first job as a freelancer.

Thats because 99% of the freelance sites I found were scams! Typically these freelance "instructions" are out of date, and the material didn't teach you anything more than you know now. To make matters worse they include links in their members section to websites that want you to pay more to join their website too! The usual price for most of these web sites is between $25-$100 for access to their freelance writing information. But in reality, most of these web sites offer you nothing more than the following:

  • Old out dated instructions written by someone who has never made a living online
  • No help with getting started or landing your first assignment.
  • No customer service or help available, sometimes not even an email address!
  • No refunds. Most of these fly-by-night companies just take your money, and when they get enough complaints they simply close the site and start up a new one. (a common scam site tactic)

Over the years I have reviewed over 40 different freelance training web sites, sending email to the web site owners, using their members area, as well as doing an extensive background check on the company. Out of all of the freelance information companies I only found a few legitimate programs! These companies charge a fee between $25-$39 and provide dedicated representatives to help you every day.

All of my recommended programs below have a 100% Satisfaction guarantee. This is excellent because you can try out these members areas and if you don't like the results they will refund your money. Each of the sites below will notify you of any updates so you always have the latest information about new freelance work opportunities.

Look at my favorite picks below, and decide for yourself. Freelance writers, photographers, artists love the extra income their "side job" brings and the fact that it could grow into a six figure a year income! As always I will keep you updated on my findings.

Frank Matthews

Real Writing Jobs

Website: Click Here Visit Real Writing Jobs
Price: $4.95 first month, $77/mo after
Money Back Guarantee: Yes

I recently found Real Writing Jobs when searching for freelance writing jobs online. They offer a free trial just like Freelance Home Writers, so you can see if its for you. They're system is very similiar. Jobs are posted to an online system, you choose a job and complete it, then you are paid. I found the website to be very easy to use, well laid out, and easy to find work. The jobs didn't pay quite as well as Freelance Home Writers but they were still very good, and we found their system slightly easier to learn. The jobs available were easy, with everything from summarizing articles to writing original 1-2 page articles on various subjects. Payments are deposited into your Paypal account. Real Writing Jobs is definately worth checking out.

At Home Writing Jobs

Website: Click Here Visit At Home Writing Jobs
Price: $4.95 first month, $74.99/mo after
Money Back Guarantee: Yes

In my search to find more legitimate freelance writing programs I came across At Home Writing Jobs. Basically you write small articles for companies and are paid for them.

Your writing style or education level has nothing to do with it. These companies don't care whether you graduated from Harvard University or just have your GED. My favorite part of this program is the jobs come to you, you don't have to search and hunt for them. You are paid immediately upon completion. There is no waiting period to get your money. You submit your short article and after approval you are paid by check or Paypal, whichever you prefer.

If you are a writer, or just enjoy writing you could turn this into a full time job and earn you a very nice income. They accept articles, blog posts, and short stories. This is definitely worth checking out.

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