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Learning To Avoid Ebay Selling Guide Scams

Ever since eBay went public in 1998 it has been turning ordinary people in multimillionaires. We've all seen the amazing success stories on Television, in magazines, and on the radio for years. If you've spent any time searching online for a way to break into the eBay business you've no doubt seen ads like:

  • How To Sell Stuff on Ebay - A step by step guide
  • Maximize your EBay Profit - The only guide book you need!
  • Make $160,000/yr your first year on eBay!
  • Make $2000 in 7 days guaranteed!
  • Free EBay Business Guide - Click Here

These ads are literally everywhere, I've personally seen them on everything from TV to Billboards. So why are there so many out there? Why are they dumping money hand over fist into all of this advertising? The short answer is money. This is a huge market because of all of the "ebay millionaire" hype that has been published over the last 9 years, thanks in part to eBay's marketing department.

So, can I make money with my own eBay business?

Without a doubt, yes you can! The key is to find the legitimate eBay guide books. In reality the majority of people will never make any money with an eBay business. This is because 99% of all guide books, or EBay "Secrets" books are full of crap! Anyone can claim they made a fortune selling on eBay and put up a web page that says the same thing. If you look into it these so called "gurus" are complete scams! They're all trying to do the same thing .. steal your hard earned money. Usually they will get you to buy some worthless e-Book that they email to you. The e-Book contains mostly useless information you can find for free on the internet anyway. Typically none of the links work, and none of the companies in their "wholesale" list are in business anymore. Sometimes they give you links to sites that want you to pay more to buy their ebay "secrets" too! This is a huge racket, and it's buyer beware. The typical price for most of these guide books is between $60-100 for access to "secrets" and list of "exclusive" wholesale companies.

In reality, 99% of these web sites offer you nothing more than the following:

  • Old out-dated wholesale information, and broken links - worthless!
  • No customer service or help available, sometimes not even an email address! - worthless!
  • No refunds. Most of these fly-by-night companies just take your money, and when they get enough complaints they simply close the site and start up a new one. - worthless!
  • A "guarantee" to make you $1000's in the next 90 days, when in reality they won't be in business in 90 days.
  • NO Members area, and no support! Once you get your E-Book you're done.
  • Amateur web sites with broken links. (this is a dead give away to a scam site)

Over the last year I have read and reviewed over 200 different eBay guide books, and wholesale lists. I've spent numerous hours sending email to the authors, investigating their credentials, as well as doing an extensive background check on the seller to verify their authenticity. Out of 208 EBay guide books, I only found a few real eBay programs! These companies charge a one time fee of $60-100 and provide dedicated representatives to help you get started. My first pick is free, you just pay the shipping.

All of my recommended programs below have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. These people have a good reputation that they live up to. The great part is you can try out these programs and if you're not satisfied they will issue a refund, no questions asked. Read my reviews below and decide for yourself. It is possible to make a good living with your own eBay business. The best thing about owning an eBay business is the freedom it provides. It doesn't matter where in the world you live, you can earn as much as you want, it's completely up to you. As always, I'll keep you updated on my findings.

Frank Matthews

Sky High Auctions Course Review

Website: Click Here To Sky High Auctions
Price: $10/mo or $247 one time
Money Back Guarantee: Yes

The Sky High Auctions Course is an incredible package. They show a casual computer user how to make thousands every month from eBay. The members area included several hours worth of training videos, guides, tips, and tricks to start selling on eBay. The program is easy to follow and the videos make learning a breeze. If you have considered selling on eBay you this is a great place to start! The guide lists the most profitable products to sell so there is no guess work. They also include their exclusive software that allows you to hundreds of items all at once, with just a few clicks of the mouse. This software is a huge time saver and can really help maximize your profits on ebay. This program focuses on working smarter and not harder. Spaces are limited and not everyone will qualify for their successful program, but Sky High Auctions is definately worth checking out.

Ebay Fortunes Review

Website: Click Here To Ebay Fortunes
Price: $47
Money Back Guarantee: Yes

The Ebay Fortunes learning course has turned casual eBay users into eBay entrepreneurs for years. This valuable package used to be sold for $49.95, but for a limited time they are giving it away for free. This is still by far the most popular eBay guide book & tool package available on the Internet. In the package you get a total of 5 books to start learning how to operate a successful eBay business. Then to top it off they also include listing templates, listing tools, and free advertising. Basically everything you need to start an eBay business is in this package. Before you pay too much for another guide, try this first.

Ebay Powerseller Secrets Review

Website: Click Here To Visit Ebay Powerseller Secrets
Price: $47
Money Back Guarantee: Yes

This is by far my favorite eBay business guide. The book was written by John Thornhill, known on eBay as "PlanetSMS". If anyone knows how to operate a successful eBay business it's John. As of today John has over 12,000 positive feedback, and has been in the eBay business for the last 5 years. After reading Johns guide I believe anyone can run a successful eBay business directly from their home.

John is so sure of his system he guarantees he will make you a eBay Powerseller in 90 days or less. The eBay business plan that John lines out for you is simple, and once you get started it basically runs itself. The price is higher than the others, but it is well worth it. If you're serious about earning money using eBay, this is the guide for you.

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